LED Light Therapy in Westlake

Celluma LED Light Therapy

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Sessions Needed

As needed

Treatment Length

30 minutes

Results Duration


Light The Way to Better Skin

LED light therapy has undergone thousands of studies and has been shown to greatly improve various health and wellness concerns. With Celluma LED light therapy in Westlake, we combine different wavelengths of light to treat multiple concerns at once. With LED light, you can resolve skin concerns and joint pain!

What It Treats

Fine lines & wrinkles


Low collagen activity

Skin laxity

Enlarged pores

Uneven skin tone

A variety of aches & pains

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How It Works

LED light therapy works by stimulating different responses with different colors of light.

Studies have shown that red LED light accelerates tissue repair, making it great for wound healing and hair growth. A combination of red and blue light helps reduce inflammation while killing the bacteria that causes acne. And near-infrared light penetrates deep into the muscle to target joint pain and improve circulation.

What To Expect

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Medical-Grade Skincare

Love your results? We can help you make them even better. With our wide variety of medical-grade skincare products, you can enhance your treatments and prolong your LED light results.

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