Stacy Mantell

Owner, Founder, Registered Nurse

After graduating from Ohio State University, Stacy worked for multiple pharmaceutical companies, most recently Allergan Aesthetics (the creators of Botox + Juvéderm filler). While employed at Allergan, Stacy was promoted to Executive Business Development Manager, winning three President’s Clubs in a row.

Stacy was responsible for training new injectors on injection techniques for Botox Cosmetic, the Juvederm family of fillers, and Kybella. Stacy was also nominated and trained as a Botox Brand Ambassador at Allergan. This allowed Stacy to access additional knowledge on Botox Cosmetic and work alongside and train with some of the best injectors throughout the United States.

After 10 years of experience behind the scenes, Stacy decided to take the plunge and open her own medical spa—a move that helped her realize her dreams of making men and women feel confident in their own beautiful skin!

Stacy is so passionate about the cosmetic industry and her business that she went back to school in 2022 to gain her Registered Nurse license. After a 15-month-long accelerated program, Stacy earned her nursing license and is now injecting patients.

When Stacy is not at Grace + Beauty, she is spending time with her husband, Jason, and two daughters, Grace and Sydney.

Fun Facts about Stacy: Stacy loves Dateline, Taco Bell, Crumbl Cookie (she can tell you the weekly flavors at any given time!), and any kind of candy! If Stacy is not doing something business-related at the spa, you can find her wandering around with a tool in her hand, “remodeling” something!

Stacy’s favorite procedures are Botox Cosmetic, Morpheus8 for the face and body, Forma Skin Tightening, and DiamondGlow treatments. Her favorite skin care products are SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced Plus, SkinBetter’s Clearing Retinol, and SkinBetter’s Interfuse Eye.