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Nervous about cosmetic treatments? We can help!


What is Pro-nox?

If you require an in-office procedure but are hesitant due to anxiety or personal pain-tolerance levels, PRO-NOX offers a safe, self-administered solution. With PRO-NOX, you are in control. The PRO-NOX system provides a safe mix of 50% Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and 50% Oxygen (O2) in a simple device you control via a hand-held breathing tube with an on-demand valve that only delivers the medical gases when you inhale. It will help to calm your nerves and ease your anxiety.

Is self-administered pain management with PRO-NOX safe?

Yes! The PRO-NOX system is carefully calibrated to ensure you’ll receive a safe, effective level of nitrous oxide with each inhalation. As the patient, you are empowered to determine how much gas you need for your pain and anxiety throughout the procedure under the medical supervision of your provider. Under the effects of nitrous oxide, patients are aware and able to interact with medical staff throughout their procedure but are generally unbothered by pain and anxiety. The gas takes effect in seconds and, when the procedure is completed, wears off within minutes.

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