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How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

At Grace + Beauty Med Spa, we offer our clients a wide variety of products and services. One of those services is helping clients get rid of their unwanted double chin. Read more below to find out how we can help you get rid of chin fat through various options.

What Is A Double Chin, And How Is It Caused?

An access layer of fatty tissue causes double chins under the lower jaw. They can occur in young or older people, men, and women, and sometimes result from various factors. You do not necessarily have to be overweight to develop a double chin.

What Are My Options In Getting Rid Of A Double Chin?

We offer a couple of different options for our clients looking to get rid of that stubborn double chin.

The first option would be to go through our Evoke facial remodeling process. It is a headgear that uses radio frequencies to tighten, tone, and melt away fat in that area. This will help you get that nice, contouring jawline of your dreams! This process is non-evasive, with no downtime, once a weekly procedure.

The other option would be to use our Kybella Sculpting injections. These injections help melt fat away underneath your chin over a short period. Be warned, you will have some swelling after this procedure, but it will go away, and you will see some excellent results with a nicer, strong jawline.

Learn More About Grace + Beauty And Getting Rid Of That Double Chin

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